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Brighton Collectibles (Brighton) is an accessories manufacturer and retailer, with 180 retail stores. Brighton products are also sold in more than 4,000 specialty boutiques or online.


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Key Holder Manger (Current Employee) says

"This company is not diverse very white washed and they don’t appreciate there employees. They work you hard and don’t admire or give you opportunities for advancement. They do not believe in promoting from within unless you’ve been there 20 years and are white . They will let you show your strengths and capabilities for advancement and go hire someone from outside the company right in your face ."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Micro managed. No hours .to give Best customer service or train . weekly mgr meeting team meets coaching, events .if hurt on job will force you out.. Cons: Micro managed. Call customer .on daily basis. No appreciation .from Ceo.your just a number."

Partner Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Prices inflated for a brand that no one knows. Under paid, dress code required of black or grey no jeans wear purse and jewelryEmployees steal sales Cons: Everything"

Sale Partner (Current Employee) says

"They'll overworked you underpay and you get NO benefits if you're part time. Management is suck. Regional manager is crazy, store manager is lazy and not fit to run a store."

Sales Partner (Former Employee) says

"nope would not recommend if you want all the work and none of the pay. you do jobs that aren’t yours and don’t get paid for it. 10/10 don’t do it if you have a life"

Randstad Temp (Current Employee) says

"competition with everyone, everyone is in your business and everyone talks about everyone. The guys are perves and nosy. Work gets slow and you lose out on hours."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Staff was horrible, Very very unprofessional, it was like working with immoral ten year old kids. There was no way to find a place to enjoy the job. Never agree to work as a "consultant", this company will take advantage of you, then throw you out in the street without warning or reason... you will be jobless. Low pay, and very unstable. I worked extremely hard there but even then I was just thrown out without regard, and because they stick you with being a consultant, low pay, and no benefits, your left with nothing. I make sure noone I know buys any of their products. Cons: immature staff, low pay, immoral policies"

Sales Partner (Former Employee) says

"My manager scheduled me outside of my availability on purpose, knowing I had to show up if no one else could take my shift. There is too much networking going on. Stop making people call everyone and annoy them! The company doesn't give enough time to change displays or get knowledge on new products. Pay sucks for all the work you do. Force you to wear makeup even if you don't want to. Only got a 10 minute break. Cons: short breaks, no benefits, poor management, poor quality products"

sales partner (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst employment opportunity I have ever experienced. The women working in the store at the Walden Galleria Mall (Cheektowaga, NY) were terrified by the store manager. She would follow you around criticizing everything that you would do. Absolutely no positive feedback. Although, the store is supposed to be organized around a team commission (like other reviewers have stated) DO NOT BE FOOLED!! " Your sales will be stolen by the manager and other sales associates!! "BE PREPARED -YOU STAND ALONE!!" The District Manager and HR Dept. will not stand up for you. As far as I am concerned, the heart should be taken off, as the symbol for this company, because they are heartless. Also, the product is constructed in such a fashion, that it seemed more jewelery was returned than kept. Why do you think Brighton has to have a policy that takes back their product for up to a year and sent back to possibly be fixed? If it were good quality to begin with you would not need such a policy. Cons: Work schedule comes out 3-4 days ahead of time, sales partners have no or misinformation reguarding leather goods, no training, fighting and fear among sales staff."

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This place is great to get some experience in a job but definitely not a great place to be for long they don’t offer much Benefits they keep you long hrs at times and they give the very minimum in pay and for raises you only receive 5 to 10 cents at most"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"BAD! Stay away from this place. Human Resources is corrupt and upper management feeds owner lies. They need to listen and go in to stores to really see what is going on. Get off your fancy trips and fancy private planes to see what is happening on the "people" level. Cons: This place needs a cleaning sweep of upper management and HR."

Sales Partner, Key Partner (Former Employee) says

"I feel like i was treated great in the beginning as a seasonal employee but as soon as I became a permanent employee everything changed. Management treated me horribly and took complete advantage of me and several other employees, I was harassed for my clothing, make up and hair even though i was still within company policy, one of the ASM's made up stories about me and constantly belittled me as a person and apparently several other previous employees prior to me quit because of that same ASM. They only pay minimum wage yet promise bonuses and advancement but never follow through and make you feel pressured to purchase items to make sales increase and treat customers horribly if they don't purchase over a certain dollar amount or god forbid exchange something they don't like Cons: horrible pay, if mgmt dont get proper breaks"

Sales Partner (Current Employee) says

"Work for the discounts of the products. Love working with people and customer enjoy selling. It’s retail don’t care for the hours but overall it’s entertainment Cons: No advancement"

Key Partner Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company was good at first but they are too micro managed they are so unrealistic to the times, people don't have to have this product to live and they would expect you to call and ask them to buy month after month with no incentive to the customer. Cons: Never good enough too micro managed"

Sales Partner (Former Employee) says

"I have been working at Brighton for three years and I am not adequately compensated. I keep being promised a promotion that I have yet to see. I will be leaving the company as soon as I find another job...almost everything I am looking at has a higher starting rate than I am making after three years here."

Assistant manager (Former Employee) says

"No support for management. Corporate was non supportive and owner was not consistent in his supportive role . Operations in corporate office was rude and no supportive of the staff at all levels of the store. Associates with highest sales were allowed to choose their own hours regardless off their attitude and lack of respect for management within the store culture. Overall, inconsistent behavior from upper management"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Little to No room for advancement, poor management/egotistical bullying, commission competitiveness with no commissions being paid. You will be a telemarketer for many hours a week , calling the same customers over and over to invite them in for very low effort events."

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"the company is great but management and the energy behind the scenes is fake and judgmental. There is rarely any opportunity for advancement. This is not great for a permanent career unless your a store manager. Cons: short breaks, terrible scheduling and no team spirit"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I had high hopes that this was going to be a great company to work for seasonally. The management is extremely micromanaged and they won't let you breathe for a second before they are assigning you a meaniless task. Straightening purses that don't need to be straightened make an employee feel unvalued and stupid. I felt really uncomfortable most of the time because the managers are not friendly and if you talk to the hourly employees, you are reprimanded with more tasks to do. It was the way the managers would ask you to do something when they caught you trying to get to know your coworkers. I'm glad I was able to get a higher wage because this job would not have been worth it. Cons: You only get a 50% discount after 100 hours and they don't honor that so you only get 30% off, riding the shuttle to the mall, micromanaging"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great perks - discounts, incentives bonus potential etc. However, new CEO only numbers driven - no appreciation for dedication and hard work. Owner JK worked very hard to establish a 'different' retail environment however, the new CEO has another vision and is taking the company in a very different direction." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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